The Now Corporation Who We Are

The Now Corporation is a publicly traded, bio-pharmaceutical research company committed to advancing the science of cannabis research. With a focus on developing plant-derived cannabinoid pharmaceutical products, our mission is to improve the health and wellness of patients worldwide. We are building a dynamic, innovative and forward-looking research, development, education, and testing company serving the fast growing cannabis industry across the US and Canada.

The 2018 Farm Bill, passed in December 2018, federally legalizes industrial hemp in the United States. Hemp is no longer regulated as an illegal substance under the US Justice Department greatly benefiting the CBD industry. With the public awareness of CBD and its many natural benefits exploding, CBD products are flooding the market. As CBD becomes legal and more available throughout the US, increased government regulation is inevitable. The Now Corporation is well positioned to capitalize on the emerging opportunities resulting from the need for more research studies, product testing, hemp cultivation and production, product development, and education.


With a focus on improving the health and quality of life of patients, The Now Corporation is committed to exploring the potential therapeutic applications of cannabis-derived medicines for the pharmaceutical market.

Industrial Hemp

Through joint-venture arrangements, The Now Corporation will advance the cultivation of hemp seeds for biofuels, hemp fiber for textiles, and other plant parts for research and consumer product development.


Product testing and certification is critical to the success of the CBD industry going forward. The Now Corporation is dedicated to advancing technologies and protocols for testing product quality and safety.

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