Refining the Science of Cannabis

About The Now Corporation

The Now Corporation, a publicly traded cannabidiol bio-pharmaceutical research company, is dedicated to advancing the study of the medicinal use of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. The Now Corporation seeks to develop cannabis-derived therapeutic products backed by scientific research.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a constant, safe and quality medicine within the pharmaceutical market, creating an opioid alternative drug for human and animals, as well as creating improved patient experiences, and a clear choice for investors in the sector.

Our Mission

Our mission is to study the potential for cannabidiol-based products to improve the lives of people living with severe illnesses. We aim to research and develop therapeutic CBD products backed by scientific studies.

Meet Our Team

Each member of our team is an experienced specialist in their field. Together, we make sure investing in research is where the best returns are, while building loyalty across every touch point.

Ken Williams

CEO and Managing Director

Ken Williams, CEO and Managing Director, also serves as Brand and Marketing Strategist. After spending five years leading public companies in the Legal Marijuana Industry, three decades of Advanced Technology Engineering, and as an Executive for multimillion dollar brands, Ken knows what truly drives business. It’s how well you connect with the public to help and communicate for understanding. Ken has excellent strategic planning and corporate execution skills. He works with major financial providers and bank brokerage firms on strategic initiatives including planning, clearing decisions, corporate changes and providers, and executes on new business opportunities.

Juan Salazar

Chief Operating Officer

Juan Salazar, over the course of his career, has held senior and executive management positions with leading construction and development companies. He has a proven track record both at an operating and advisory level as a project manager, covering all stages of a construction from feasibility and engineering projects including technical reviews, project and financial evaluations to strategic planning, development, housing expansion, risk assessments and due diligence. Juan has extensive experience in agriculture and fish aquaponics forming a Florida-based corporation named Zorhek Aqua Farms in Miami, Florida.

David Krolewski, Ph.D.


David is a systems neuroscientist with a particular interest in neuroanatomical function pertaining to human health and disease. This arena of study allows for analysis of particular molecules that affect brain function in relation to behavioral outcomes. After receiving a B.S. from Grand Valley State University in Health Science, he worked as a research technician at the Ann Arbor Veteran’s hospital where he assessed neurotransmitter transporter abundance in postmortem brain of people who died due to cocaine abuse. Following this experience, David went on to obtain a Ph.D. from Wayne State University Medical School where his research focused on Parkinson’s disease models and related neurocircuitry which regulate motor activity and its coordination. David’s postdoctoral fellowship was completed at the University of Michigan Medical School and involved the investigation of neuronal gene expression in postmortem subjects previously diagnosed with psychiatric disorders including major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Advancing to a research faculty member at the University of Michigan Medical School, he co-instructed an undergraduate human neuroanatomy course and continued examining neurogenetic changes in psychiatric illness by optimizing cutting edge histological techniques to visualize and quantify molecular changes in 3-dimensional formats.

Jeffrey B. Martin


Jeff has 40 years of marketing, management and operational experience in a wide range of industries including management consulting, design engineering, environmental engineering and laboratory testing, and construction. He has held senior management positions in small private companies and large ($400 M+) publicly held enterprises. In addition to extensive marketing experience, Jeff has background in all corporate administrative functions having managed human resources, IT, contracts, safety, heavy equipment, risk and procurement departments. He has also successfully integrated numerous companies resulting from acquisitions and mergers in both union and non-union environments. Jeff holds an MBA from Northwestern University and a BS in Electrical Engineering and an MS in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Illinois.

Brian Martin


Brian has extensive experience in technology development, managing the implementation and operation of cutting-edge scientific technology in a research laboratory setting. His unique background as a research specialist has given him the technical expertise necessary for driving strategic innovation and identifying emerging market opportunities. Brian holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a focus on Biotechnology from Michigan State University.

Augustus Redmond


Gus has over 35 years experience in Real Estate, Retailing, and Wholesale Industries. He has deep experience identifying and directing public/private joint ventures that are consistent with community objectives, including RFP solicitations, new initiatives, and revitalization efforts. He has extensive experience building rapport with businesses, property owners and real estates brokers. Gus has experience and background in Environmental Services including research, planning, and marketing of Wastewater, Solid Waste, and Hazardous Waste Recycling Systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.