Research, Collaborations and Product Development

The Now Corporation, a Cannabidiol Biopharmaceutical Research company, is dedicated to advancing the study of the medicinal use of Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids. The Now Corporation seeks to develop Cannabis-derived therapeutic products backed by scientific research.

The Now Corporation, a Cannabinoid Biopharmaceutical Research company, is dedicated to advancing the study of the medicinal use of Cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoid molecules. The Now Corporation seeks to develop cannabis-derived therapeutic products backed by strict and ethical scientific research.

The Now Corporation has developed, and will continue to form relationships, with world class research universities and institutions within the United States to perform collaborative CBD research. Our commitment to further understanding the effects of cannabinoids upon psychiatric-related behavioral characteristics, cardiovascular physiology as well as digestive and metabolic systems will provide unprecedented insight in to the effects of these naturally occurring substances upon human health and disease.

In an effort to uncover the potential therapeutic capacity of cannabinoids, The Now Corporation looks to establish the safest and most effective route of administration of highly purified CBD which currently remains to be determined within scientific literature. Our ability to grow and analyze hemp seed genetic variability, the source of CBD, and its relationship to potency, will aid the pursuit of effective dosing that will be required for maximal health benefits.

CellDration™ Enhanced Premium Water Products

The Now Corporation has purchased a 28% equity stake in the parent company of CellDration. CellDration™ is a manufacturer and distributor of enhanced premium water products with a clear plan to share its functional water and eco-friendly packaging globally. Both companies will collaborate on the development of various line extensions, including flavored & CBD infused beverages. This investment will enable CellDration™ to break ground on its unique state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and allow CellDration’s transition from single use plastics to sustainable, plant-based packaging.

Organic Farming of Psychotherapeutic Compounds

The Now Corporation has begun the process to apply for a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a novel cultivation platform. This will allow for the scientific growth of plants enriched with compounds with which to develop psychotropic medications to be used in research and medicine.

The specific emphasis will be on an aquatic plant that was grown in Northern Africa by the Ancient Egyptians and had significance in their religion. It had medicinal qualities ranging from being an aphrodisiac to pain management and depression.

Research Collaboration with Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

he Now Corporation has signed a Memorandum of Agreement with Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) to collaborate and participate in the research and development of scientifically researched cannabidiol products. Our ultimate goal is to develop cannabidiol products that can be used for the expressed purposes of developing medicinal products for human and animal use.

Joint Venture With Hollywood Diagnostics Center For Human Imaging Diagnostics

The Now Corporation has signed a joint venture with Hollywood Diagnostics Center to perform neurological studies using state-of-the-art imaging technology to measure brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow when CBD compounds are introduced to the human body. The goal of the imaging data analysis is to detect correlations between brain activation in subjects when either non-tasked or tasked activities are performed during the scan with CBD compounds present. It also aims to discover correlations with cognitive states after CBD compounds are introduced to the subject. The data derived from the studies will be published to the public via the National Institute of Health (NIH) database or any other public platforms within the scientific research community.

Hollywood Diagnostics Center is a leader in the medical diagnostics field while performing over 30,000 diagnostic procedures annually. The center continues to be at the forefront of medical technology by progressively updating its equipment and procedures to reflect the latest advances in medicine. HDC has provided the healthcare community with outstanding, technologically advanced medical services to address the changing needs of patients.

The joint venture will collaborate on the following activities:

  • Independent industry reviews and studies (United States and internationally)
  • Analysis and research that measures brain activity by detecting changes associated with blood flow using cannabinoids to determine changes in brain function.
  • Perform blood draw findings that go along with imaging analyses.
  • Publishing of White Papers to National Institute of Health, and other Scientific Publishing Platforms.

Monster Elixir

The Now Corporation is now the largest shareholder in TransGlobal Assets Inc. and its Monster Elixir Subsidiary.

Monster Elixir Inc. provides a wide range of high-quality CBD products from its organically grown Indoor and Outdoor gardens. It uses some of the best genetics in the industry with a guarantee that its plants are free from all unwanted pests and harmful chemicals. Some other products are as follows:

Pur Root Lemonade: by utilizing the natural medicines in Marijuana Roots. Its Pur Root Lemonade will come in many flavors such as Ginger Bite and Pineapple Agave, sold in bulk or retail.

Infused Olive Oils: for all of your edible baking needs, it has Olive Oils Infused with CBDs, also sold in bulk or retail.

Plus it will offer a unique arrangement of CBD Edibles, from hard candies and gummies to pound cakes and pies made from scratch.

In addition, TransGlobal Assets Inc. owns two medical marijuana strains: Previously known as BB (Mobb Boss x Rare Dankness #1) and MV (501st OG x Rare Dankness #1).

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Hemp Plant Biology

The Now Corporation has established a joint venture in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico with the goal of understanding and improving hemp plant biology. Using a scientific approach, we seek to research and produce hemp seeds with superior genetic characteristics, cultivated in an environmentally controlled greenhouse with filtered water and optimum nutrients.

Industrial Hemp

The 2018 Farm Bill, which includes language that legalizes hemp across the U.S. provides farmers in a struggling agricultural sector with very profitable alternatives. According to New Frontier Data: China led all countries with nearly $1.2 billion USD in hemp sales in 2018, followed by the United States ($1.0 billion), Europe ($980 million) and South and Central America ($220 million). The U.S. market is positioned to grow under the 2018 Farm Bill, with an estimated $2.6 billion projected in sales by 2022, with $1.3 billion in sales estimated for hemp-derived CBD products by 2022.

The Now Corporation will continue to expand the ways in which hemp is utilized in industrial applications with crops grown from the State of North Dakota, under the Industrial Hemp Program.

The industrial hemp products being investigated include:

  • Bio-fuel derived from seeds
  • Hemp stalk/leaves for fiber material
  • Hemp root for medicinal purposes